Owner & Executive Director

Trissa Jimenez

Trissa is our one and only founder, owner & executive director! Her passion for horses and helping people live their best lives has created this unique program that we are thankful to have in our community.

What Trissa Does at Stable Haven

Trissa has always had a passion for helping people and a heart for animals. Through Trissa’s careers in the dental field and in the mental health fields, her desire to help people has been evident. Trissa has always enjoyed caring for and spending time with her animals and she has finally figured out a way to combine these two passions. Trissa has owned and operated Foundations 4 Life, LLC alongside her husband, Aaron Jimenez, for the past 14 years. After seeing the joy that their daughter has being around the horses, Trissa wanted to share this gift with the people they work closely amongst. She saw a need to allow those who struggle with addiction and mental health issues and the lack of animal contact and has worked so hard to fill this space. Trissa is in the process of educating herself to bring meaningful equine encounters to those in the grand valley.

Trissa's Certificates

Equipped with a range of certifications in equine-assisted learning and experiential education, our team is committed to providing safe, effective, and transformative experiences for our clients.

Trissa's Specialities

Trissa is our all-around all-star and jack of all trades. She is amazing at so many things we couldn’t possibly list them all, but here are a few.

Marketing All Star
Horse Expert

Fun Facts About Trissa

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Trissa would love you to get in touch and find out how Stable Haven can start to help you!