Trainer & Horse Handler

Cheyanne Germann

Cheyanne is an amazing part of our team who helps us keep the horses in tip-top shape.

What Cheyanne Does at Stable Haven

Cheyanne grew up in the big town of Olathe. She has had a love for animals from day one. Cheyanne has been around horses her whole life sharing a passion for equines with her mom. Cheyanne has been in competitive riding for 12 years and competes on rodeo teams. Cheyanne was taught how to train horses and has been training for 4 years. She is well versed in anything equine and is a great addition to our team.

Cheyanne's Certificates

Cheyanne Specialities

Cheyanne’s skills are too numerous to count, but we’ll give it a shot. 

love of horses
ranch hand experience

Fun Facts About Cheyanne

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Cheyanne would love you to get in touch and find out how Stable Haven can start to help you!