The Herd

Meet Our Partners in Healing

At The Sable Haven, we believe in the transformative power of the horse-human bond. Just like humans, horses are social animals with a distinct hierarchy of roles. They are motivated primarily by survival, much like many of our clients.

Horses are big and strong, so we naturally look up to them. They give us immediate feedback through their actions, showing us how our behavior affects them. They're also forgiving and give us second chances, helping us learn and grow.

When you interact with our herd, you'll see how your actions affect others. Horses can reflect our feelings and behavior, helping us understand ourselves better. The issues that come up during sessions are like lessons that you can apply to your life outside the sessions, helping you grow and change.

Come experience the special connection between humans and horses at The Stable Haven. Our herd is here to support you on your journey to healing and self-discovery.

The strange cousins

Meet Our Miniature Horses

Our miniature horses are beloved members of our family and an integral part of our program. Their gentle nature and friendly personalities make them cherished companions for our clients.

They provide comfort, companionship, and a unique connection for those we serve. Their presence brings joy and laughter to our program, and we are grateful for the positive impact they have on our clients' lives.

In remembrance

Remembering Those Who've Passed

Our horses are more than just animals; they are cherished members of our family. We've had the privilege of caring for and learning from some incredible horses. While they may no longer be with us, their spirit lives on in our hearts and in the work we do.

Our Herd